Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Raw 08 15 - "I like Waffle House"

Triple H comes out and seems to be lying through his teeth when he says he doesn't know why Nash attacked CM Punk. I think he's really fitting into his role as COO. He's calm and methodical, much less of the obvious prick that McMahon came to embody.

Del Rio seems to have no involvement with Kevin Nash, destiny just worked that way. Not a terrible interview but a little long.

Morrison and R-Truth (again) in a falls count anywhere match, which is somewhat entertaining, though anticlimactic once again even with Morrison getting the victory. I know that they're pissed at Morrison right now but I would have really been behind this feud if it were allowed to follow through properly. I'm not sure what Morrison's status in the company is but I'm a fan of his work, especially since he dropped the furry boots.

Someone give The Miz an opponent.

Beth Phoenix comes out at the end of Kelly Kelly and Eve's win over the Bella Twins which is a good thing. I'm always impressed with her.

Oh shit, Kevin Nash is here and he's saying Triple H texted him to take out whoever won the title match. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Nash get visibly annoyed by the "what?" from the crowd. Punk comes out for what was the best segment of the night. Punk doesn't hold back on the insults taking shots at Nash's reputation for being a pain in the ass backstage, a shitty booker, and a guy whose career is all but finished. Nash tries to hold his own, but he's definitely not as quick witted as Punk. Either way the two have a really good back and forth. I really enjoyed direction here, with Nash in the picture the nWo angle and more importantly the Kliq are now brought into the foray. CM Punk is here to shake things up and with Nash, the new corporate enemy may not be business heads as it was in the Attitude Era, but the wrestlers of the past generation who view a guy like Punk as a threat.

John Laurenitis and Kevin Nash speak privately backstage, the only reason I point this out is because Laurenitis suggests the two go "somewhere more private" and the crowd doesn't let the phrase go untouched.

Jack Swagger and Alex Riley have a match but importantly Dolph Ziggler and Vicki Guerrero are behind the desk for the match in what was a very entertaining bit. The two bickered while Lawler and Cole kept making jokes. Cole at one point is laughing too hard to respond, even when he's trying to be Vicki's line of defense. After the match Swagger talks to Vicki about possibly becoming his manager which will definitely lead to a conflict, maybe for Night of Champions. I think that this has tremendous potential. Swagger and Ziggler are two great talents who haven't had much to do, even with Ziggler holding the US Title. I'm very excited to see where this goes.

Another good interaction between Stephanie McMahon and CM Punk, this time with Steph getting the last word in.

Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne team up to face Otunga & McGillicutty in a non-title match. Not sure if Kingston and Bourne have teamed up before but their partnership was pretty natural. Ross and Lawler spent most of the match pointing out the lackluster tag team division. Lawler called the team "bland" (he's right) and Ross said that Kingston and Bourne could bring some excitement to the divison (he's right). Tag team wrestling has only existed in WWE out of obligation lately and it's starting to show. Hopefully there's a shakeup.

Del Rio and Rey Mysterio for the WWE Championship isn't half bad. Nothing too spectacular but these are two solid workers so it's still good match with Del Rio getting a clean pin. I would like to see Del Rio hold a long title run and a clean victory over Mysterio is a good start for that. After the match Del Rio beats up on Mysterio a bit and Cena comes out for the save. He talks about Del Rio stealing the title and not earning it (CM Punk, in his bit with Nash said that he wasn't pissed at Del Rio).

I thought they did a really good job picking up the pieces from Summer Slam and working the set-up for Night of Champions which is still five weeks away. I like that we have separated into Del Rio vs. Cena and Punk vs. Triple H et al. The latter of these two seems to have a good amount of depth and it may take several weeks to unfold.

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