Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Raw 08 22

My brain is pretty fried from a lovely summer's night spent drinking Jim Beam and Mt Dew and watching the Cubs strand 15 runners in a shut out loss to the Braves. But we did enjoy some very nice seats. And the whiskey.

Watched Raw at about midnight last night, and how can you walk away from an episode like that feeling anything other than complete satisfaction?

The wrestling ranged from good to great, story lines expanded, and the new tag champions got a HUGE pop. I'm excited at the prospect of actually pushing tag team wrestling again, I think we're going to get some fun stuff from Kofi Kingston and a push for Evan Bourne (even if my brother thinks he's boring). Last night's win probably spells the end for Otunga and McGillicutty, I don't foresee them being used much more if at all.

AND we've already got suitable number one contenders in the tag team division. The Miz/R-Truth promo would've been a 10/10 if they didn't rap at the end. Either way, stellar.

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger is getting good. I'm still elated that they're giving these two something to do.

More questions than answers in the WWE Championship/CM Punk vs. The World angle. What we do know is that John Cena and CM Punk can give us as good a match in 10 minutes as they can in 30. These two have unbelievable chemistry. The way they're pushing Del Rio seems to suggest that his title run might be a longer one which would be nice to see considering we've had five title changes in the past month and a half. And I can't help but think there's more to his relationship with Triple H than meets the eye.

Helluvan episode. And have you heard of this Breaking Bad show? It's really neat.

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